What is Maui Goat Yoga ?

Maui Goat Yoga is a fitness trend sweeping the nation since 2016. It is addicting and makes you smile.  Enjoy beautiful views of Maui’s breathtaking coastline, and relish the psychological benefits of animal-assisted therapy while exercising and challenging your physical and mental capacity.  Or just relax and stretch while hanging out with lovable, adorable goats.  If this sounds calming and pleasurable then Maui Goat Yoga is definitely for you.

Maui Goat Yoga offers daily Yoga Classes with 360-degree views of Haleakala and the stunning Maui coastline.  Experience and get addicted to a new way of practicing yoga with adorable, frisky and friendly goats that love to snuggle.  “Goat Yoga” is the latest and greatest of yoga experiences hailed by hundreds of media outlets around the world. What a wonderful experience to add to you your life top 10 wish list!

Meet Our Goats


Alfredo "Alfi" for short is coming to Maui Goat Yoga any day now.  He is 4 weeks old and super handsome.  We are waiting to spend some time with Alfredo and get to know his personality before we complete his bio.  The time we have spent with him he is mello and sweet and perfect for our Maui Goat Yoga family.  

Bella Luna

Princess Bella Luna, meaning "Beautiful Moon" in Italian, is one of our newest additions to Maui Goat Yoga. She was born to be in the Maui Goat Yoga family because of her large white crescent moon on her side.  Val, my Fairy Goatmother, suggested she might have been born for our family because of the strong significance of the "Crescent Moon" on her side.   We rushed over to Val's to meet her and we knew she was for us.  "Moon" is not only in the Maui Goat Yoga goats family bloodline of names but also in the Hatchie family (Maui Goat Yoga owners) family history of names.  We have Tutu Kane with "Ah Moon" as his middle name.  The we have Mahina our daughter who means "moon".  We have Mahina's older sister Mahealani meaning "moon from the heavens".  Lots of "Moons" in the families.  Bella Luna is sweet and loving yet a very strong personality.  Her favorite thing she loves it to get rubbed under her chin.  She cannot get enough of this.  She also likes to compete with Cookie for the attention and all the Cherrios she can get after classes when goat treats are given out.


Tsunami is another new addition to the Maui Goat Yoga family.  He came to live with us when Bella Luna did.  They came from the same home to our home. Tsunami name was "No Namey" for a while according to breeder.  They were not sure what to name him.  We ended up keeping his name because it is so the opposite of his personality.  Now we call him Susu because he is oh so so SuSu sweet.  Tsunami is as sweet as as they come.  He loves to be picked up and snuggled and kissed.  He will just stay content in your arms for as long as you want to hold him.

Jon Snow

Mister melt your heart!  Jon Snow is super handsome and he knows he melts hearts but does not break hearts.  He is the ultimate lover boy and gentleman.  Don't be fooled though he will try to chew anything he can get in his mouth.  Your shirt. Your jacket hoodie strings.  Your hair.  Your shoes.  He just loves to show love with love nibbles and of course snuggles.  Jon Snow's twin brother is Duder.


Duder!  Love love love my most gentle Duder!  Can not get a more sweet male goat as Duder.  Duder will wait his turn patiently and always make sure the ladies (Sweet Pea, Daisy, and Cookie go first)   Duder is named after my brother David who has amazing blue eyes like Duder (and of course the most amazing gentleman to the ladies).  My parents used to yell across the house "hey Duder" to get my brothers attention instead of just the usual "hey Dude".   Duder is a gentleman and will never jump on you or chew your things.  He just wants love and treats.  Duder's twin brother is Jon Snow.


Meet Daisy!! Maui Goat Yoga’s sweetie pie. Daisy is very petite and very gentle. She loves to be petted and to have her neck and bottom of ears scratched. Her eyes will make you melt when she looks at you. Daisy's soft loving personality makes her perfect for Maui Goat Yoga.

Sweet Pea

Her name says it all! Sweet as a little Pea. She is Cookie’s twin sister. Sweet pea is curious and loving. She loves to follow her sister around and will sit as close to where Cookie is as possible. Sweet Pea loves to do a sideway kick jump when she gets excited and adores to play hide and seek.

Sweet Pea and Cookie

These two are twins and just adore each other. They love to jump and play and head butt each other off any high box or plank. Yet they love to snuggle and always be next to each other. These cuties were born on June 19, 2017 the same birthday as sweet little Mahealani Hatchie girl.


Cookie is our sweet little cookie! Cookie is a lively, playful chatter box and she lets us know what is on her mind at all times. She is the queen of snugglers. She will make sure to sit as close to you as possible and chew her cud as long as you will enjoy sitting with her. Cookie is Sweet Pea’s twin sister

About our Instructors

Davida Moore certified (RYT 200 certified) for Hatha Yoga.

Originally from North Carolina, Davida was certified (RYT 200) with Yoga on Main in Philadelphia, PA through Yoga Alliance. She decided to move to Hawaii to deepen her yoga practice and interconnectedness with nature.  She teaches Hatha yoga with an emphasis on the chakras, mindfulness, pranayama, Ayurveda, and it’s relation with nature and animal therapy.

Yoga has been a part of her life for the past 5 years, and it has given her strength both on and off the mat. Through yoga, she has a deeper understanding of body awareness, how to breathe properly, and live with nature. It brings her an infinite amount of joy knowing that she will be able to impact, inspire and heal through yoga, retreats and workshops!

Maluhia Elizabeth Paloma Karas certified (RYT 200 certified) for Hatha Yoga.

Malu’s Practice began in 2004 certified in 2012 and has been teaching since. Her class offers a combination of strength building sequences into level 1 asanas and animal therapy.

Lessons will include organ detoxification, flexibility, increased awareness and an introduction to yogic and Hawaiian philosophy. Her love for animals and people create a comfortable, fun and safe experience outdoors that is inviting to everyone from age 7 and up.

What is Goat Therapy ?

What is a therapy animal? A therapy animal is an animal trained to provide affection and comfort to people who need it. They are often used in hospitals, assisted living homes, nursing homes, schools, rehabilitation centers, hospices and other areas to help improve their well-being.

Goat Therapy

Our goats offer an abundance of love and affection. They will enhance and brighten even the hardest days.

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